My alma matter, the University of Wisconsin Badgers, lost a very close game to Texas Christian University (TCU) last night.

As disappointing as it is for a fan to watch their favorite team lose the big game, the results didn’t hit me very hard this time.

Friday we learned our dog, Finnegan, may have lymphoma–the biopsy results will be back by mid-week.

Just like with a friend or family member, waiting is difficult.  Speculation is impossible to avoid.  But all we can do is wait.

Somehow, going for the first long walk with Finnegan–after his surgery on a beautiful warm, sunny Florida day–seemed more important than losing the big game.  What a joy it was to all spend time together.

Cancer does that.  It helps you prioritize and put life in perspective. 

We used to say things like “Wait ’till next year.” or “There is always next year.”  Not anymore! 

But win or lose, the best part is playing (or watching) the game.  I’m just glad the three of us were together today.  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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