I follow the progress of researcher’s working to use personalized vaccines to help fight a variety of cancers.  Here is an update–from ASH of course–about a an ongoing study which uses this theory against lymphoma:

Pharmacists may soon be able to offer personalised lymphoma vaccines
Wednesday 8th December 2010 – Written by James Puckle

Pharmacists could soon find themselves instrumental in improving the survival of lymphoma patients, following the development of a new personalised vaccine.

Although the new treatment will need to undergo further testing, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine are confident that up to half of patients may benefit from having a vaccine developed using their own tumour cells.

Initial findings from an ongoing research project suggests that a personalised vaccine can extend disease-free survival by up to two years, compared to patients who receive a placebo.

The finding hinges on the presence of a particular protein on the cell surface of lymphoma tumours in many patients.

Commenting on the findings, researcher Stephen Schuster explained: “Our work stands to revolutionise the approach to personalised vaccine development in lymphoma, and bring new hope to patients who are diagnosed with all types of the disease. This is paradigm changing.”

Last month, researchers in the US suggested that targeted therapy to repress protein mutations in large B-cell lymphomas could be more effective than current treatments, while offering fewer side effects.

I would like to thank Mediplacements.com for making this information available to my readers.

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