Here is a disappointing article about ovarian cancer screening Pat and I found in the Huffington Post earlier this month:

Ovarian Cancer Screening Tests Found Ineffective

A new study from the American Cancer Society confirms the bleak outlook for detecting ovarian cancer, known as the “silent killer” because of the challenges in diagnosing the disease early enough to treat it.

The study found that current methods of screening for ovarian cancer — pelvic exams, ultrasounds and blood tests — reduce the number of deaths by just 11 percent, considered only “a modest reduction” in fatality risk.

“They are not accepted screening tests per se,” said Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a gynecologist and medical expert for CBS’s Early Show. “They are all we have.”

OV cancer is hard to detect for several reasons. The location of the ovaries in the body (behind the pelvis and abdomen) cause symptoms, like indigestion and bloating, that are vague and common, and thus easily missed or misinterpreted by patients and doctors. Moreover, the blood test used to test for ovarian cancer (called CA-125) is “not even close” to 100 percent accurate, Ashton said.

Read the balance of the article and view a video clip from CBS’ Morning Show by going to:
Screening Tests Found Ineffective,
Combining all of our current screening methods for ovarian cancer only reduce fatalities by 11%?  Disappointing may be an understatement!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pattie

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