Here is a link to a follow-up to yesterday’s article, Most Patients Don’t Listen Carefully To Their Oncologists,  I posted today on my daily multiple myeloma site, Tips To Help You & Your Doctor Work Together.

Key points from the article: 
Preparation for such meetings is very important. Always bring a list of questions with you to your appointments. Try keeping a small journal or notebook. Write down thoughts, symptoms and questions you might have at home, office or while you are traveling.

Look them over prior to your appointment, organizing them into a few simple, concise questions. Then firmly, yet politely, share each one with your doctor. Don’t let them “gloss over” or dismiss any question. Try and be assertive. This is important–and another reason having a friend or caregiver along with you at appointments is a great idea–so he or she can help you work through your questions with the doctor.

Good luck at your next appointment–your doctor won’t know what hit them!
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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