As a brief follow-up to yesterday’s article, Strong Case Drug Company Marketing & Research Dollars Negatively Effect Clinical Trial Participation,  I just wanted to add how unfortunate it is that only studies backed by big pharma dollars are regularly completed.

I touched on this in my weekly column last week in The Myeloma Beacon, Pat’s Place: Taking Nutritional Supplements Is Like Walking Through A Mine Field For Multiple Myeloma Patients.  Take a moment and read a few of my reader’s comments:

There will never be one correct answer to nutritional supplementation. This is due to the many modalities of health and wellness,integrative and allopathic medicine. In fact, it’s the wild, wild west!

The key, and this only my opinion, is peer reviewed science based formulas that are manufactured to OTC standards, insuring dissolution and bioavailability. Without these minimum standards, there are absolutely no guarantees that what’s on the label is even in the bottle!

Another reader added:

Yes, that is correct, we have limited studies and mostly anecdotal evidence on many of the complimentary therapies and doing a standard peer review research with clinical trials for something you can buy over the counter now for less than $5, ain’t going to happen. Trials and pharma research is tremendously expensive and takes a fairly long time.

Amen!  I am working on a commentary for Christmas Eve about this very important topic.

Feel good, keep smiling and remember it is “buyer beware” when purchasing vitamins and nutritional supplements!  Pat

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