Here is the summary of a new study showing regular exercise helps women avoid uterine cancer from the ABC Baltimore affiliate Website:

The results of a new study are reinforcing the idea that regular exercise can help prevent cancer, especially in women.

The study by the American Association of Cancer Research reveals women who exercise 150 minutes a week lowered their chances of developing uterine cancer by as much as 34 percent.

Uterine, or endometrial, cancer is the fourth-most common type of cancer among women.

The results were even more dramatic for underweight women. They were 73 percent less likely to develop uterine cancer; among overweight women, that figure was 52 percent.

One of the study’s authors said, “Clearly, programs should be in place to increase the level of physical activity in women.”

The American Cancer Society already recommends 30 minutes of exercise five days per week–that works out to 150 minutes, the same figure from the study.
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Here is the link to ABC’s national medical correspondent, Dr. Timothy Johnson’s Medical Minute video report as well:  Study: Exercise helps women prevent uterine cancer.

Well worth a look.
Feel good, keep smiling and keep moving–exercise is important! 
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