Tomo Therapy, Inc of Madison, Wisconsin, claims to be revolutionizing radiation therapy.  Not only does the company claim to have developed a safer, more accurate system, Co-Founder and Chairman Thomas Rockwell Mackie, PhD, touts the system’s efficacy as well.

According to Mackie, “The abstracts being presented at ASTRO (American Society for Radiation Oncology) next week underscore the advantages of using the TomoTherapy system to treat breast, lung, prostate and head and neck cancers, and explore new ways the platform can be used to improve and speed development of treatment plans for advanced radiation delivery.”

Here is a link to Tomo Therapy Inc.’s corporate press release prior to ASTRO from earlier this month.  Additionally, here is a link to ASTRO’s 2010 conference site.  You may want to check-out other advances in radiation therapy you can find there.

There is no question radiation cancer therapy isn’t going away anytime soon.  Tomo Therapy is an example of how scientists continue to improve the accuracy of their systems. 

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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