Geron Announces Two Publications Demonstrating That Its Telomerase Inhibitor Drug Targets Cancer Stem Cells
Data Confirm Rationale for Imetelstat Phase 2 Clinical Trials in Breast Cancer and Multiple MyelomaBuzz up!

Geron Corporation (Nasdaq:GERN) today announced the publication of preclinical data demonstrating that the company’s telomerase inhibitor drug, imetelstat (GRN163L), currently in Phase 2 clinical trials, targets cancer stem cells from multiple myeloma, pancreatic and breast cancers.

Cancer stem cells, found in many types of cancer, are rare populations of malignant cells with the capacity for endless self-renewal. They are believed to be responsible for tumor growth, recurrence and metastasis. Their resistance to chemotherapy and conventional anti-cancer agents make them important targets for novel therapies.

Here is a link to this detailed, three page story from Bradenton, Florida.  What struck me after reading this article is how researchers are starting to apply strategies which are working in blood cancers to solid tumor cancers as well.  These are not human studies.  But so far great progress has been made in test tube and animal studies.  Crossover potential offers hope.  Maybe this will work…

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