Here are two interesting news snippets I discovered on a Website called Insider Medicine earlier this month:

From Boston – A new lung cancer drug shows considerable promise in reducing symptoms, according to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers studied the effects of crizotinib on 82 lung cancer patients, finding that the drug reduced tumor size in 47 patients and stopped
tumor growth in 27.

From Saudi Arabia – Extra virgin olive oil protects the liver, according to a report published in Nutrition and Metabolism. Results of an animal study showed that consumption of extra virgin olive oil increased antioxidant enzyme activity consequently reducing oxidative stress on the liver.

Extra virgin olive oil?  Does that mean virgin olive oil without the “extra” is ineffective?  Either way, more evidence pointing toward the value of eating a Mediterranean diet.

So cook with olive oil, eat lots of broiled or pan seared fish, fresh vegetables and drink a glass or two of red wine daily.  Works for me!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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