Here is a excerpt and link to an article about cancer nutrition from our local paper, The Tampa Tribune:
Healthy food helps patients battle cancer, treatment side effects.


The Tampa Tribune
Published: October 20, 2010

Nutritious food can’t cure cancer, but it’s a great ally for those battling a potentially deadly disease.

Many of the 1.5 million Americans diagnosed with cancer each year successfully attack the uncontrolled, abnormal spread of cells with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

But those life-saving treatments sometimes carry side effects — altered taste buds, diarrhea or constipation, mouth sores and difficulty swallowing — that make patients want to push their dinner plate away: “Sometimes just the smell of food can make you not feel good,” says Colleen Doyle, director of nutrition and physical activity for the American Cancer Society.

The calories and nutrients in food are critical to building the strength and immunities necessary to fight cancer. To avoid malnutrition and unintended weight loss, people undergoing treatment and their families need to make every bite count.

The National Cancer Institute says people who eat less than five to nine servings of fruit and vegetables a day are at greater risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some types of cancer and diabetes. It only makes sense the same benefits apply when a person is undergoing cancer treatment, says Fran Rinchuse, a clinical dietitian and nutritionist at Tampa’s St. Joseph’s Hospital. “More and more, they are finding disease and dietary deficiencies go hand-in-hand,” she says.

Richuse like to address nutrition as soon as a person is diagnosed. The type of cancer, treatment plan, possible side effects and the person’s current nutritional status all must be considered. For example, high-calorie and high-protein foods may be necessary for a person who is losing extreme amounts of weight and muscle mass.

Healthy eating can’t hurt!  Good advice.
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat & Pattie

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