A wise observation from our research friends “down under” in Australia:
Early treatment of relapsed disease not necessarily better, by Nicola Garrett.

Early chemotherapy treatment for
women with relapsed ovarian cancer
does not extend survival or improve
quality of life, research shows.
The study of over 500 women
found no evidence that early initiation
of chemotherapy — because
of a rising CA125 concentration–
improved survival or quality
of life compared with delaying
of chemotherapy until signs or
symptoms of recurrence for women
with complete radiological and
biochemical remission after first-line
chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.

According to the authors their
results challenge the widespread
belief that earlier treatment for
recurrent cancer must be better,
particularly for cancers for which recurrent
disease is disseminated and
where curative options are limited.

Here is the link back to this OncologyUpdate research article.
Even though it is counter intuitive, more evidence how early detection in some cancers doesn’t always increase median life expectancy.  Not sure what to do with that… How do you tell someone not to act and try and stop their cancer right now?

I will continue this discussion from time to time over coming months.  Controversy isn’t going away anytime soon!  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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