Here is an exerpt from an article I saved last month, featuring more important work to help minority patients (and the rest of us!) by expanding collections of cord blood for those who need stem cell transplants:

Through cord blood donations, babies can help fight leukemia

…Each year, about 18,000 Americans are diagnosed with conditions that would be helped by stem cell or bone marrow transplants. But 70%, or about 12,600, have no related donor and must find one through the national registry.

The shortage of minority donors has forced national and local agencies to rev up efforts to expand programs that offer expecting women and couples a chance to donate a small blood sample extracted from the umbilical cord after birth for donation to public cord blood banks.

In metro Detroit, the Barbara Ann Karmanos and St. John Providence Health systems, which run the two largest cord blood collection programs in the state, are growing this year and focusing more on minority donors.

Find lots of worthwhile information by going to: Can Help Fight Leukemia.
Great article!

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