Here is an important story for all cancer patients and caregivers to consider:

Cancer History Raises Risk of Memory Decline
 by Amanda Chan

People who’ve had cancer are 40 percent more likely to report having memory problems than people who haven’t, a new study suggests.

The finding reveals that memory problems in cancer patients are more prevalent than previously assumed, though they still aren’t sure of the exact reasons why, said Pascal Jean-Pierre, assistant professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

“It’s a big problem,” Jean-Pierre told MyHealthNewsDaily. “With cancer-related cognitive dysfunction, the challenge is, for some patients, very subtle and mild problems, and for others, it’s a more significant problem that can impact quality of life.”

The reasons for the memory problems are still largely unknown, but scientists say a combination of factors could be at work, including the tumor’s biology, effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments and stress from having cancer, he said.

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