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Should You Kick the Multivitamin Habit?

We have long loved our multis, but they may be an old habit we need to break. Here, Prevention’s smarter, customized vitamin plan.
By Sarah Mahoney

If you’re like many Prevention readers, multivitamins have been a key part of your daily routine since… well, forever. As recently as 2002, no less an authority than the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended that “all adults take one multivitamin daily.” We at Prevention have suggested them to you dozens of times over the years as well. And many doctors and nutritionists still urge a multivitamin to any “less-than-perfect eater” to compensate for dietary shortfalls.

But today, a tsunami of scientific data has resulted in a reversal in thinking among many experts in the health and nutrition community, including Miriam Nelson, PhD, director of the John Hancock Research Center on Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity at Tufts University. “The multivitamin as insurance policy is an old wives’ tale, and we need to debunk it,” she says.
What?  Not only does the article suggest taking a multi-vitamin doesn’t help, it goes on to argue it may even hurt our health!

The twists and turns in this feature are well worth reading.  Go to:
 Should You Kick the Multivitamin Habit?  and see what you think.
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