Juliet Cohen writes articles on diseases and conditions and women health care. Here is a list of colon cancer related tips from her article, Colon Cancer and Nutrition, posted on Health News for USA:

Colon Cancer Treatment and Nutrition Tips

1. Chemotherapy is also used to treat patients with stage IV colon cancer.

2. Radiotherapy may be recommended Treatment fot colon cancer.

3. High-fiber foods help move waste through your digestive tract faster.

4. Calcium and vitamin D also seem to help protect against colorectal cancer.

5. Taking antioxidants, such as vitamin C or carotenoids, may reduce cancer risk but other studies have failed to back up these results.

6. Vegetables high in folate, like leafy greens, seem to offer particular protection from colon cancer, especially for those who drink alcohol.

7. Cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower, also contain phytochemicals that may prevent damage to colon cells.

Good advice! Juliet wrote a balanced, comprehensive article that’s worth a look.
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