The following news release is, for all practical purposes, an advertisement for Cancer Treatment Canters of America. But we thought it was worth a look. Why? The emphasis on medical team building and more patient involvement with their own care–a key to improved quality of life:

Innovative Cancer Treatment Delivery Advances Patient Care

(NAPSI)-It may seem surprising, but, on average, cancer patients spend less time with their oncologists than they do on a lunch break. The United States Department of Labor mandates that a lunch break be 30 minutes or more, yet according to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average time that cancer patients spend with their oncologist is just 24.5 minutes.

However, an innovative approach to cancer treatment by Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) called Patient Empowered Care may be changing all that. Patient Empowered Care uses a team approach, offering patients an average of between two and three hours with a full Empowerment Team every time they visit the hospital for treatment. The team includes a medical oncologist, naturopathic oncology provider, registered dietitian, nurse care manager, clinic nurse and others-who come to the patient in one comfortable room, one right after another, for a focused visit.

According to Edgar D. Staren, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., senior vice president for clinical affairs and chief medical officer at CTCA, Patient Empowered Care helps to advance care through health literacy-essentially, giving patients more time and greater access to all clinical team members for more responsive, personalized care.

“When patients are provided clear and thorough information and an understanding of their condition, they are empowered to make educated decisions about their cancer care,” added Dr. Staren.

Hard to argue with any of this. We didn’t reproduce the balance of the release. Lots of promo stuff about CTCA. But if you would like to contact them for more info, we can pass along their contact info:

For more information about Cancer Treatment Centers of America, visit or call (888) 841-9129. For more information about Patient Empowered Care, visit

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