Here’s info for cancer survivors who like to juice:

…all fruits and vegetable are antioxidants but let us look on the top five juices for cancer patients.

Carrot juice has potassium, calcium, vitamin C and B complex. Our cells are being protected by vitamin C; it helps in strengthening the walls of our blood vessels. It has beta-carotene that is high in antioxidant. Our immune system is in partner with beta-carotene to tear the cancer cells into pieces. There are suggestions that carrot juice may help in fighting cancers of breast, stomach and lungs. You may be better off including carrot juice in your diet as much as possible. Not only you get protection from cancer, it is also good for your eyes.

Pomegranate juice may slow the development of prostate cancer. It has fighting agents against skin cancer as well. It is abundant in antioxidants (even higher than red wine and green tea), which has anti-inflammatory effect. It prevents colon cancer and it has anti-tumor effects.

Orange juice is usually a part of diet for most of us. It has limonoids (not present in other vegetables and fruits) that is said to be effective in eliminating certain cancer cells. It is rich in anti-carcinogens. Do not forget your daily dose of orange juice.

Grape juice has resveratrol that prevents cancerization of normal cells. It is not just a thirst quencher but it relieves restlessness and promotes urination and digestion. Grape juice is also good for our heart. Not only you can enjoy its sweet taste, you can also get the health benefits.

Strawberry juice helps in easing the reaction to radiation of people who suffers laryngeal and lung cancer. Laetrile and ellagic acid is present in strawberry; it keeps us from harmful carcinogens. It keeps our lungs moist and it eliminates phlegm.

A special thanks to author Emma Deangela for her suggestions. Go to:
Top Five Juices For Cancer Patients to read more.

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2 thoughts on “Five Types Of Juice Recommended For Cancer Patients

  1. Interesting. My juicing routine includes a variety of anti-angiogenesis products but most importantly, a lot of greens.

    My juices include lemon/lime, a bit of ginger. garlic (sometimes), and greens such as kale, dandelion, cucumber, etc. I also include beets to help the liver do it's work.

    Based on my research, the greens are very important. I'm surprised that recommendations to cancer patients would not include greens.

    Fruits are very useful for cleansing. The vegetables are useful to provide us with nutrients.

    If I include fruit, it is usually an apple because many of us on chemo and/or pain killers do have digestive issues.

    Just saying … 🙂

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