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Hormone Driven Invasive Breast Cancer
August 27th, 2010
Is there such thing as hormone driven invasive breast cancer?

At present, the number of breast cancer patients have drastically reduced in the US and some experts say that this was due to the reduction of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) use.

In the United States, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is quite popular. HRT and mammography are chosen by the individuals themselves and certain factors influence the choice they make.

In some countries, mammogram is administered in state levels and it is already considered a routine activity especially among women aged 40 years and older. Women who take HRTs also get their medicines through prescriptions.

The relationship between HRT and breast cancer is still not yet established. The evident reason behind it is probably the lack of worldwide coverage. The data collected are often limited in some states or countries only. Other countries don’t gather info as to the number of HRT prescriptions and breast cancer patients.

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Is there such thing as hormone driven invasive breast cancer?

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