Just a short commentary. As I review and research nutrition related cancer news each day, one can’t help but notice all of the “nutrition cures cancer” sites.

To be fair, a majority of Websites are selling something–that’s the only way they can survive. Even my two sites feature our Help With Cancer Bookstore. But we only sell a few books each week–it’s really there more as a service–an idea still waiting to be fully developed. I keep telling Pattie we will add more books to our selection–someday.

But my criticism of these other Internet sites is they are misleading. Like snake oil salesmen of the past, they pitch antioxidant powders, liquids and gels–potions and programs of every size and scope. Some are reasonably priced and some are very expensive.

But to promise something they can’t deliver–a cure for cancer or the hope of a “cancer free lifestyle” is unconscionable.

I find the vast majority of medically related sites seem credible. But wonder off into the hinterlands of cyberspace and hold on to your wallet! Worse yet, consider your overall health before you give in to the latest detoxifying trend or lifesaving extract from some tropical plant.

Feel good, keep smiling and please be careful “out there!” Pat

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