Author Dr. Jack West will be hosting a Webinar August 25th on Nutrition and Cancer: The Pivotal Questions.

Ms. Kelay Trentham, MS, RD, CD, who is an Oncology Dietician at Multicare Regional Cancer Center in Tacoma, has been kind enough to volunteer to field some of our leading questions in an upcoming free webinar on Wednesday, August 25th, at 8 PM EDT/5 PM PDT. Here are several questions we’re planning to cover:

1) There is a widespread belief that sugar “feeds” cancer. How do you discuss this issue with people facing a cancer diagnosis, and does this lead you to recommend that patients avoid certain foods when they’re on treatment for cancer?

2) Are there foods or a particular diet that you recommend for patients that can significantly improve how patients do while on chemotherapy, radiation, or other cancer treatments?

3) What should a patient’s goals be with nutrition and cancer?

4) Is there a diet that patients who have undergone potentially curative therapy, or family members who want to do everything possible, might pursue in order to minimize their risk of a new cancer diagnosis?

5) Taste changes are very common with chemotherapy. What do your hear from patients, and what do you recommend for patients to maintain good nutrition despite taste changes?

6) When patients are losing weight on treatment because they have very little appetite, are there particular approaches you recommend to help them maintain weight?

7) Some people have advocated diets that alter the body chemistry, specifically to make it more alkaline. What are your thoughts and recommendations with regard to nutritional intake and acid-base balance in people fighting cancer?

Go to this site to register: Cancer and Nutrition. I will be listening.

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