More about BRCA2 and the gene’s connection to breast and ovarian cancer by Amanda Gardner from HealthDay and U.S. News & World Report:

Inner Workings of Gene Tied to Breast, Ovarian Cancer Revealed
In 3 studies, scientists isolate & analyze protein produced by BRCA2

SUNDAY, Aug. 22 (HealthDay News) — For the first time, scientists have succeeded in isolating the lengthy protein encoded by the BRCA2 gene.

Dysfunction of this gene can up the risk for both breast and ovarian cancer.

By separating the protein from the rest of the components of human cells, researchers were able to study it more closely and figure out exactly what it does in the body.

“Since BRCA2 is such a large protein, it has a lot of different domains and it has never really been clear how the different domains work together,” explained Wolf-Dietrich Heyer, senior author of a paper appearing online in the journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology and co-leader of the Molecular Oncology Program at the University of California, Davis, Cancer Center.

“With having the entire protein purified now, one has a chance to actually understand the whole protein,” he said. “It’s a huge protein. People were studying individual pieces but never got the full picture. Now we can really start to analyze its mechanisms.”

That analysis should help illuminate the underpinnings of breast and ovarian cancers and point the way, someday, to better prevention and treatment.

This is only the introductory portion of Amanda’s article. To read the rest and to learn more about BRCA2, go to: Gene Tied to Breast, Ovarian Cancer

The bottom line: Researchers hope better understanding of genes like BRCA2 will help them design treatments that target specific molecular abnormalities.
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