Three weeks ago I wrote several articles about Dr. Lee Green, Director Cathy Grant and the Moffitt Diversity Program in Tampa, Florida.

I thought about Lee and Cathy’s efforts to help make quality health care available to minority patients as I walked around Moffitt Cancer Center today between oncology appointments. Hispanics, African American and patients from the middle east were present in the infusion center waiting room.

The Moffitt Diversity Program goal can be summed up using the acronym ACCESS; Awareness and education, Community outreach, Cultural and linguistic Competence, Equity and inclusion, Support of other initiatives and Strong Partnerships.

As she described the program, I could tell Program Director, Cathy Grant, was proud that Moffitt Cancer Center was the only comprehensive cancer center with a minority participation certification in Florida. Professor Lee Green agreed. “Our facility is one of only forty cancer centers nationwide to actively promote minority participation among both patients and staff.”

Moffitt treats all forms of cancers, including a lot of patients with my cancer, multiple myeloma, as well as other blood cancers. They specialize in stem cell transplantation.

Considering African Americans are twice as likely to get multiple myeloma than Caucasians, it is good to know Moffitt is actively reaching out to include them.

Speaking of “reaching out,” Moffitt Diversity is also heading up an initiative to serve Tampa area Latino and African American
communities, promoting breast and prostate cancer screening using a combination of special events and mobile community screening.

You can learn more about the program by going to:

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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