Don’t ask me why, but last night Pattie and I were watching HLN around 9 PM. Remember when Headline News covered actual news? Anyway, Nancy Grace was covering the Haleigh Cummings murder investigation. Five year old Haleigh was missing for months. They have since discovered her body.

Why mention any of this? Because I became irritated—then angry. Not so much about the poor girl’s murder. I (we) have all become numb to this type of thing… Seems so unreal and far away. But what caught my attention was the smoking. Every family member connected with the murder smoked. They were all constantly smoking. Young, old, it didn’t matter.

It’s 2010 people! Why is everyone smoking?

I have noticed many more smokers here in Florida since we moved last year. What gives? Why does this make me so angry?

Because these smokers still have some control over their cancer futures! You and I work so hard to try and keep our cancer at bay. We exercise, eat right, take supplements, hope and pray. These people are making a choice—to get cancer! Or hypertension, or cardiac disease. And if they are smoking, you know darn well they aren’t eating right—and few of them exercise much at all.

One of the reason Pattie and I moved down here was the weather—to have the option to exercise year round. Slipping on the ice is not an option for me, with all of the holes in my bones. And once the temps fall below 40 degrees, my bones and joints ache and stiffen.

But people down here hide in their homes like caves, using the warm weather (What did they expect—it’s Florida!) They rarely venture out—except to go to the gas station to get more beer and cigarettes and lottery tickets. Heck, these people don’t even make smart economic choices!

The American Cancer Society is constantly running “smoke free” promotions. I never pay any attention—smoking is so far from my reality. But is it? Last time I stopped at a convenience store, smoke was swirling all around me. Makes you stop and think—and makes me angry!

Feel good, keep smiling and please stop smoking! Pat

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