Here is a helpful list from the American Cancer Society tp help patients sharpen their mental abilities and manage the problems that may come with chemo brain:

Use a detailed daily planner, keeping everything in one place – from appointments, to birthdays to phone numbers.
Exercise the brain. Take a class, do word or number puzzles, or learn a new language.
Exercise the body. Regular physical activity also improves mood, alertness, and stamina.
Get enough rest and sleep.
Eat lots of vegetables, which have been shown to help maintain brainpower.
Establish routines such as following the same daily schedule.
Establish a single spot for placing all commonly lost objects such as keys and glasses and put them there after each use.
Focus on one thing at a time; don’t try multi-tasking.
Track memory problems by keeping a diary of the time they are experienced and the events going on at that time. Keeping track like this can help you figure out what affects your memory. Tracking when the problems occur most can also help you plan around them – avoiding important conversations at those times, for example.
Try not to focus so much on the chemo brain symptoms, remembering that many people who’ve never had chemotherapy also struggle with memory issues.
Talk about it. Tell family, friends, and your health care team about the experience. Chemo brain sufferers are not stupid or crazy; they just have a side effect that they have to learn to manage. And telling others about it may relieve some of the frustration they are feeling.
Attend a support group where others with cancer may also be experiencing chemo brain. A support group can be a comfortable venue for talking with others who are feeling similar to you and more importantly, learning tips for managing it. Click here to learn more about helpful groups and services provided by your American Cancer Society.

Great list! Learn more about chemo brain and what researchers are doing to prevent it by going to: Tips for managing chemo brain – What is being done.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat & Pattie

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