Pattie and I recently subscribed to the St. Petersburg Times. Having moved to Florida just over one year ago, we are still getting to know the area. We correctly determined a local area paper might help us acclimate. As much as I hate to contribute to the use of all of that paper, we do recycle. The cost of our one year daily subscription was only $29! How times (no pun intended) have changed.

Anyway, reading a real newspaper does give you some perspective–and you find some interesting articles you might not otherwise see. Here is an example from Thursday’s papter. I provide you with a link to the online version at the end of the excerpt:

Researchers hunt for reliable early-detection test for lung cancer
By Irene Maher, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Thursday, July 29, 2010

It takes more lives in a year than colon, breast, liver, kidney, melanoma and prostate cancers combined. Yet there is still no definitive screening test to detect lung cancer early, when tumors are at their smallest and before the cancer has spread.

Scientists already know that chest X-rays and sputum tests don’t work well for early detection. Doctors are awaiting results from a huge National Cancer Institute study to find out whether the answer might be spiral CT scans, in which images are made all around the patient’s body, allowing a 3-D model of the lungs to be constructed.

But, so far, nothing has been proven to find lung cancer early enough to save a significant number of lives, the measure by which most medical screening tests are judged to be effective. Cigarette smoking dramatically increases the risk of lung cancer, but a significant number of people who have never smoked do get the disease.

Plus, about one-fourth of people with early lung cancer don’t have symptoms. For many, the disease is diagnosed when they get a chest X-ray for some other reason, but by then the disease may be well advanced.

Read the rest of this St. Petersburg Times newspaper article by going to:
Still in the Dark.

It’s worth taking a look. Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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