Here is a link to an article and video presentation by Dr. Mercola about the wonders of vitamin K:
The Cancer-Preventing Vitamin Your Doctor Is Likely Completely Clueless About. Posted By Dr. Mercola | July 17 2010

Dr. Mercola claims:
Vitamin K may be “the next vitamin D” if research continues to illuminate the growing number of benefits to your health… Most people get just enough K from their diets to maintain adequate blood clotting, but NOT enough to offer protection against he following health problems—and the list is growing:

•Prostate cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and leukemia
•Arterial calcification, cardiovascular disease and varicose veins
•Brain health problems, including dementia, the specifics of which are still being studied.

My naturpathic doc really likes vitamin K. Unfortunately, I am on blood thinners, so vitamin K supplementation is a big no-no. My skepticism with Dr. Mercola’s presentation is he–you guessed it–sells an “advanced” vitamin K supplement. Hard to tell how much difference taking expensive “K” supplements would really make. Most nutritionists would recommend eating lots of dark, leafy greens like kale and spinach.

Feel good, keep smiling and eat lots of raw vegetables each and every day! Pat

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