We all hear lots of negatives about the new government health care plan. My concern/criticism is it doesn’t go far enough—and it will take too long to kick-in. When you have cancer, four or five years feels like a lifetime!

So I was surprised to hear about a couple of small but helpful provisions which begin immediately. According to the St. Pete Times, insurers won’t be able to rescind a policy for a technicality, such as an unintentional mistake on an application. Additionally, insurers won’t be able to require approval before a policyholder obtains emergency care outside the provider’s network.

I already knew about the “better then nothing” provision allowing people with pre-existing conditions to join a government high risk insurance pool after six months of going without. I had also heard about the $250 refund going back to seniors stuck in the infamous Medicare donut hole. But sometimes it is the little things—like ending the unsavory practice of ending a policy on a technicality or not denying coverage while an insured is traveling—that can make a big difference.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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