Interesting progress being made in the field of genetics and ovarian cancer
From The Press Association:
Ovarian cancer genetic marker found
July 20, 2010
A new genetic marker has been found that can identify women at risk of inherited ovarian cancer.
Scientists found that a mutant version of the KRAS gene was present in 25% of all ovarian cancer patients.
But it was more common in patients with a family history of ovarian and breast cancer, appearing in 61% of cases.
Dr Joanne Weidhaas, from Yale University in Connecticut, US, who led the researchers, said: “For many women out there with a strong family history of ovarian cancer who previously have had no identified genetic cause of their family’s disease, this might be it for them.
“Our findings support that the KRAS variant is a new genetic marker of ovarian cancer risk.”

This is only a small part of the article. Go to: The Press Association/Ovarian Cancer Marker to read more.
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