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Most Cancer Patients Not Getting Needed Nutrition Support

According to the article, a large poll has revealed a huge gap of unmet needs in a cancer patient’s quality of life:

CHICAGO, Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ — Only 30 percent of cancer patients are
offered nutrition guidance, according to an online poll conducted on, an online cancer community.

More than 600 cancer patients responded to the poll that asked them,
“While undergoing cancer treatment, which of the following complementary
therapies did your treating facility offer?” Services included acupuncture,
nutritional advice, naturopathic services, mind-body medicine, physical
therapy, spiritual wellness and family counseling.

Fifty-three percent of respondents were offered no complementary
services at all. According to Dr. Edgar Staren, senior vice president of
clinical affairs and chief medical officer at Cancer Treatment Centers of
America, “The lack of attention to treating the whole person among cancer
patients has been a shortcoming in cancer treatment for a long time. While
often effective, too many hospitals choose only to cut, poison or blast
away at tumors with not enough attention paid to how treatments affect a
patient’s quality of life or even their survival. In many cases, patients
may suffer because of side effects and complications caused by treatment
practices with little consideration for the well-being of the whole

You can read much more about this in the above referenced PRNewswire article.
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