Exercise is a wonderfully, dynamic tool that transforms the health of everyone and everything it touches, no matter how much (or how little) you use it. Anything and everything from a five-minute walk in the park that improves your state of mind to short-term, high-intensity interval training contributes to the greater good: A healthier life.

Read more of this post on an industry blog about the importance of exercise for cancer patients:

Exercise A MUST For Cancer Patients
By CNCA on Jun 30 2010
In light of the growing number of recent studies that have proven the value of exercise for cancer patients, a 13-member panel, led by associate professor Dr. Kathryn Schmitz of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, has developed national guidelines to keep patients moving during and after their treatments.

Unfortunately, there’s a dire exercise gap at work here that has everything to do with attitudes of doctors, not patients, says Dr. Schmitz. “We have to get doctors past the ideas that exercise is harmful to their cancer patients. There is still a prevailing attitude out there that patients shouldn’t push themselves during treatment, but our message — avoid inactivity — is essential.”

Read the rest of the post, and view a YouTube video of a Dr. Kathryn Schmitz of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, discussing her study which was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, by going to: Exercise a Must for Cancer Patients.

My guess is if you are proactive enough to read sites like ours, you are already exercising. If not, get moving! Walk, roll your wheel chair around the neighborhood–whatever you are able to do.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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