Hey–check-out this article about Microsoft co-founder and cancer survivor Paul Allen:
Microsoft co-founder pledges fortune to philanthropy
Thu Jul 15, 2010
Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) co-founder Paul Allen, who has been treated for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, said on Thursday he is committing most of his estimated $13.5 billion fortune to philanthropy after his death.

The implication is much of the money will go toward cancer research. Read the rest of the article from Reuters: Paul Allen’s estate to be used to “continue the work of the Foundation and to fund nonprofit scientific research.”

Wow! That’s a lot of money which could eventually be put to good use. My question: Mr. Allen, why wait until after your death to flood cancer research with a much needed infusion of extra cash? Your fellow cancer patients and survivors could really use the help!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Corporation Co-Founder Paul Allen To Donate Majority Of His Estate To Cancer Research & Other Non Profit Projects

  1. My question is a bit different.

    Do you think we should try to start a movement to encourage some of the money to be invested in clinical trials for so-called alternative treatments?

    How amazing would it be to fund research for:

    – Brewer's yeast (Ghouneum)
    – Mushrooms
    – Baking Soda (controversial I know, but why not give Simonccini a chance to prove himself?)
    – Mistletoe

    and more.

    Perhaps we could try to start a Facebook movement like they did for SNL for Betty White?

  2. Great idea! Drug money won't fund these studies… Why not your neighborhood billionare? Pat

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