An online resource for physicians, Oncology Update, featured this report, written by Nicola Garrett, about statins and prostate cancer:
Statins may influence prostate biology
In men with prostate cancer
undergoing prostatectomy
the use of statins reduces the
disease recurrence rate by
30%, research shows.
“Our findings require confirmation
in other settings and in particular
to determine whether statins
are associated with a reduction in
metastases and/or prostate cancer
specific and overall mortality,”
the researchers wrote in Cancer.
The study assessed over
1,300 men treated with radical
prostatectomy, of whom
18% were taking statins.
The authors found significant
differences between statin users
and nonusers at presentation.
Men taking statins were more
likely to be older (P<.001), havea lower median PSA (P=.04),were more likely to be white(P<.001) and have a higher BMI(P=.05). However, they werealso more likely to have a higherbiopsy Gleason score (P=.002).At a median follow-up for statinusers of 24 months and 38 monthsfor non-users, biochemical recurrencesoccurred among 23% ofmen – 16% of whom were statinusers and 25% were non-users.After adjusting for the pathologicaland clinical factors that differedbetween the two groups, theresearchers found that men whoused statins had a 30% decreasedrisk of PSA recurrence and theassociation was dose-dependent.“Mounting evidence suggeststhat statins may influenceprostate biology, and althoughcontroversial, statins may reducethe risk of advanced prostatecancer," the study authors said.Given that statins appearto lower PSA levels, one potentialexplanation is statinsmerely delay the diagnosis ofrecurrence, they suggested.They concluded that a randomisedcontrolled trial placingmen undergoing radical prostatectomyon statins may be warranted.

Sounds like more study is needed on this one. Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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