I want to apologize for not posting an afternoon article yesterday on this site. I am “on assignment” for The Myeloma Beacon here at ASCO, so their content and deadlines come first.

This event is so massive, with so much cancer related news and research, the most difficult thing is deciding what to write and when to write it. I have accumulated six or more interesting storylines I will share with you over the coming weeks–but I’m running out of time to complete my research and write them!

So let’s start with an interesting business related human interest story. While attending a large multiple myeloma presentation this morning, I met a bright, interesting and engaging gentleman named Nicholas Abbott.

How did we meet? I turned to him during the slide portion of the session and asked a specific drug related question. He answered without hesitation. I assumed he was an oncologist or hematologist. It was only after the program concluded and we started visiting I realized he wasn’t a medical doctor. No, Nicholas is a PhD, working in equity research for an investment firm.

This guy knows his stuff! He knows at least as much about multiple myeloma as I do–if not more. Why? Nicholas studies and evaluates medical research data in order to evaluate pharmaceutical companies and help his company make investments and advise clients.

But his knowledge base and responsibilities don’t stop with myeloma or blood cancers. No, he is here evaluating all of the clinical presentations which may affect large drug company stock.

That’s a big, big job! Yet Nicholas took the time to visit with me, ask about my condition and give me some prudent, medically sound advice about possible future drug and therapy choices.

As we parted ways, Nicholas was heading toward a clinical presentation about some ground breaking lung cancer research.

I have written in the past about how I like to check the business section to get a feel for how well new drugs are developing. Now I know why! This guy is sharp and knows what’s going on! Just one of dozens of encounters which make events like this so worthwhile. Thanks, Nicholas!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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