As I read Suzette Lipscomb’s Breast Cancer Blog about how cancer ages you this morning, I couldn’t help thinking “That’s how I feel!” People had always told me “You look so young!” I think they were right. Having all of my hair, (always a key!) and a somewhat “baby face,” I looked ten or more years younger than I was. Check out my six year old real estate photo I use here on my blog. Taken while I was in my late 40’s, I look so young, don’t I? (Be kind—I should really change it out for a more recent photo.) It helped I was in great shape and a normal weight. That is until my first full year fighting cancer. My loss of muscle mass made my face look gaunt. My hair was quickly turning grey. My skin less resilient and dry. I was 51 years old when I was diagnosed and looked 35. Now at 54, I look my age or older. I aged 15+ years in a year or two. Ouch! Cancer’s a bitch, isn’t it?

Read Suzette’s article, Breast Cancer the Second Time Around, and see what you think. Do you have cancer? My advice: Stay away from the mirror! The only problem with that strategy: I feel as old as I look! Can’t blame a guy for trying. Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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