Here is part of an article from Florida’s, written by pharmacist Suzy Cohen:

Flax seeds can help breast cancer patients
Flax seed is full of nutrients your body needs to be healthy. It reduces the risk of various types of cancer, as well as lung and heart disease. One 2007 study even showed that menopausal women noticed fewer hot flashes after adding the seed to their diet.

How exactly does the magic happen? It’s due to lignans, which are complex carbohydrates found in plants. When digested, they offer us natural plant-based estrogens (termed phytoestrogens) and antioxidant power, so they have the ability to replace dangerous estrogens with safer ones as well as sweep away toxins. Lignans are well-known to reduce risk of breast and prostate cancer. And flax seed contains hundreds of times more lignans than most other plant-based foods, making these tiny seeds a gigantic resource.

A recent eight-week trial, published in the Molecular Nutrition & Food Resource journal, got to the nitty gritty. Researchers were trying to flesh out which part of the flax seed makes tamoxifen so effective, and as it turns out, it’s the oils within that help the most.

Another study, in Nutrition and Cancer, has found that key compounds in the naturally occurring oils of flax seed could slow the growth of established breast tumors.

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