Day after day I report on promising anti-cancer drug development news on both of my blogs. This is a reminder not all news is good news on the cancer research front:

Novogen Loses Half Its Value After Cancer Study Fails – By Jason Gale

June 2 (Bloomberg) — Novogen Ltd., the Australian biotechnology company developing drugs from plant compounds, lost half its market value after saying an experimental ovarian cancer treatment failed in final-stage patient studies.

Novogen fell 53 percent to close at a record low of 18.5 Australian cents in Sydney trading. It was the biggest decline since the company went public almost 16 years ago. Tests on phenoxodiol in women with recurrent ovarian cancer showed no statistically significant improvement in patient survival, Sydney-based Novogen said in a statement today.

Research based on similar plant compounds will continue, Daniel P. Gold, chief executive officer of Novogen’s Marshall Edwards Inc. unit, said in the statement. The company is investigating triphendiol, which it says is a potentially more potent, second-generation relative of phenoxodiol that may be effective against ovarian cancer.

You can read the rest of the article by going to:
Novogen Loses Half Its Value After Cancer Study Fails on Bloomberg Businessweek.

Try and remember progress against cancer, like many things in life, doesn’t go up in a strait line. There are good days and bad. More good days these days. Not the big stuff–but lots of smaller victories which buy all of us time.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat & Pattie

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