Here is the opening of an article from the Tahoe Daily Tribune, written by John Seelmeyer, about cutting edge changes being made in hospital food prep:

RENO, Nev. — Meals developed from organic ingredients — some purchased locally — and made from scratch.

An emphasis on fresh fruit and vegetables.
The increased use of herbs as a seasoning to allow less use of salt.
While this all sounds like something from a little café around the corner from one of Reno’s big hospitals, it’s reflective of new thinking in the nutritional services departments of the region’s medical centers.

Hospital nutrition executives acknowledge that the thousands of jokes about hospital food often have been grounded in reality — but they want to put the jokes to rest with vastly improved menus.

“I’m trying to break that perspective,” says Doug Chapman, a former casino chef who serves as executive chef and director of nutrition services for Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

The Saint Mary’s kitchen these days is making more dishes from scratch with fresh ingredients and relies less on processed foods.

While use of fresh foods stays in tune with the tastes of hospital patients, it’s also cost-effective.

“Those processed foods are expensive,” Chapman says.

Renown Regional Medical Center, meanwhile, has added more fresh fruit and more salads to its menus to meet the desires of patients, says Jessica Krenkel, the hospital’s director of food and nutrition service.

She says the hospital also is working to develop local sources of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh melons from the Fallon area might be one possibility.

This seems like a distant dream to me. I am constantly amazed at how unhealthy most hospital food can be. I get a lunch while getting my quarterly infusion of Aredia, a bisphosphonate designed to strengthen my bones and stop bone lesions. Granted, the medical center I use is in a smaller town. But my God! I eat mostly vegetables, some lean meat, few carbs. I am forced to leave half of the food on my plate at best. Where is the fresh, steamed broccoli? Salads? Come on, people! You can read the rest of this hopeful, if unrealistic article by going to: Awful food in hospitals?
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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