Yesterday I promised more info about Omega-3’s. My first question about omega-3’s is: Should a hyphen be used between the omega and the 3? (Answer: You see it written both ways—most often with a hyphen. You also see the “O” capitalized a lot. This is probably not correct.) SORRY! I’ve been traveling a lot and reading too many writer’s magazines that stress over correct usage and punctuation…

Back to the exciting, serious subject at hand. Why exciting? Because it is becoming clear to me that using omega-3 supplements is probably a good idea for most cancer patients.

Writers at Cure Magazine agree with me. In his column, Food for Thought, Don Vaughan notes, “Can Omega-3’s also prevent cancer? A growing body of research suggests the answer is yes.”

The underlying benefit of using Omega 3’s are their anti-inflamatory properties. Some writers claim fish oil to be better than oils from plants or seeds to be better. The research I’ve read about this seems unclear. What is clear is, for a variety of reasons from the health of your heart to slowing tumor growth, Omega 3 fatty acids seem to help.

One note: Please don’t forget to check with your doc before you start taking more than a capsule or two of fish oil–especially if you are taking blood thinners.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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