Here is another “urban legend” anti-cancer type myth debunked:
Shark Cartilage No Help for Cancer
Drug Derived From Shark Cartilage Did Not Extend Lives of Lung Cancer Patients
By Salynn Boyles – WebMD Health News.

Here is the opening segment of the article:

Hopes that shark cartilage would prove to be a useful treatment for cancer were not borne out in one of the most rigorously designed and executed studies of an alternative therapy ever conducted.

Adding a drug derived from shark cartilage to standard cancer treatments did not improve survival among patients with late-stage lung cancer in the study, funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).

Shark cartilage has been touted as a potential alternative or complementary cancer treatment for several decades. Dozens of shark cartilage products are sold as dietary supplements, but almost none have been studied in humans.

Hard core shark cartilage fans take heart–this study centered on only one type of cancer. Lung cancer is slow to respond to any therapy–even the newest chemotherapy combinations barely make a difference in a majority of cases. So there still may be hope–just don’t spend too much money on the stuff, OK?

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat & Pattie

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