Here is an April 28th article from about an English study using extract from flowers:

A recent study has revealed that a common white flower may help increase the efficiency of the anti-cancer drugs. According to, the saponins molecules extracted from a plant called Gypsophila paniculata may prove out to be the breakthrough treatment for dealing with leukemia cancer cell membrane. The research study has been conducted by a team of researchers engaged in the program of charity Leukemia Busters. The prospective treatment may also pave way for the treatment of several other types of cancers apart from leukemia.
As reported by, the team of scientists is now working to take the discovery to the next level by making it available to the patients. As per the study, the common flower extracts may increase efficiency of immunotoxins, the antibody based treatment by more than one million times. The study was conducted over a period of 12 months.

Speaking about the study, lead researcher David Flavell said: “I am usually careful about the words I use with things like this but this discovery could truly revolutionise the way these antibody-based drugs work and it will save lives.” However, the treatment is still in the early stages and might take another four to five years in reaching the patients.

This one sounds like it belongs in the category of “If you throw enough stuff at the wall something might stick” research. Hey, whatever works! Feel good and keep smiling! Pat & Pattie

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