I know a number of multiple myeloma patients who take large amounts of curcumin (up to ten grams daily) to help slow their cancer. Here is a short article about using curcumin against ovarian cancer:

Pre-treating ovarian cancer cells with curcumin may help make them more vulnerable to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Researchers from Sanford Research and the University of South Dakota found that delivering the curcumin, which is a component of the spice turmeric, directly into the cells in nanoparticles less than 100 nm enhanced sensitivity to treatments of cisplatin and radiation, lowering the dose needed for therapeutic effects. Taking dietary supplements of curcumin or turmeric does not appear to be helpful, however. The current research, published in the Journal of Ovarian Research, was completed in vitro, so the next step is to test the treatment in animal models and in future human clinical trials.

We found this on Calorie Lab.com. It was posted by Denise Reynolds.
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