A chiropractor and anti-cancer advocate, Ron Edwards, from Culver City, California, recently sent me a complimentary copy of Life Over Cancer – The Block Center Program for Integrative Cancer Treatment.

The book is a large, hard copy edition (Random House – $25.00). In a lot of ways, the book was just what you would expect—a lot about nutrition and eating an anti-cancer diet, along with a mind and spiritual care plan section. But what impressed me about the book was it took all of this several steps further. A chapter about monitoring your immune system. Details about the effects of inflammation and glycemia. My favorite chapter, titled The Remission Maintenance Program, gives helpful tips about suppressing dormant tumor cells.

I read lots of books about cancer. Heck, I’m writing one! This is a good one. The author, Dr. Keith Block, has done a great job integrating conventional medicine and scientifically supported complementary therapies. I recommend it!

You can order it on Amazon, from your local book store or directly from Dr. Block’s Website: Lifeovercancer.com.

If we had more time, and took our own My Cancer Store more seriously, I should make it available here online as well. I think I’ll work on that. Watch for it there later this week. I’m going to be doing more book reviews from time to time—and then carrying the books we recommend here—at a discount, of course!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat & Pattie

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