According to Diabetes News, women with diabetes are 25 percent more at risk of developing cancer. Here is the story:

LONDON – A new study has revealed that women with diabetes are 25 percent more likely to develop cancer.
The study, led by Tel Aviv University Medical School involving 17,000 diabetics, showed that male patients were far less likely than healthy men
to develop prostate cancer – which meant there was no rise in their overall cancer risk.
The women, however, were found to be particularly more at risk from colon and genital organ cancers, giving them an overall higher cancer risk of 25 percent, reports
Cases of type-2 diabetes are rising rapidly. Nine out of ten with diabetes have type-2, which occurs when the body gradually loses the ability to
process blood sugar, leading up to the level at which it can damage organs.

One more reason to eat lots of vegetables and cut down on the carbs.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat & Pattie

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