Here is a link to a good article about the cancer preventing benefits of taking calcium and other vitamins for woman which ran April 18th, 2010, on

Daily Calcium and Vitamins Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Apparently, researchers at the Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico reported that women who took calcium had a 40 percent lower risk of getting breast cancer, while those getting multivitamins showed a 30 percent reduction in risk.

But not so fast! On the same day this report was released, I read an article on another site (Health News) claiming multi-vitamins may raise breast cancer risk, referencing a study done by Australian researchers.

What is a woman to believe? We read both studies. Both seem compelling. The Australian study uses a much, much larger sample–showing a 19% increase in breast cancer risk in women who took a multi-vitamin regularly. The researcher’s conclusion: Taking vitamins helped women’s breasts become more dense–a common situation among newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. This is crazy! Don’t many women strive to develop firmer, denser breasts? Women are being punished for developing healthy tissue by taking vitamins?

We need to think about this one for a while. Feel good, keep smiling and take your–no don’t take your vitamins today! Pat & Pattie

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