We found this article excerpt on an obscure Website, Ezinearticles.com. It was written by Roy Gol:

Here are 4 ways to treat cancer and any other chronic disease using a natural way:

Eat a plant based diet. When eating fruit, vegetables and nuts, you provide your body with enough nutrients to function properly. Plant based food will stay in your system for about 15-20 hours, which is a good digesting time. People who live in the western world, and eat junk food like chips, pizza, McDonald’s etc… take 48 or even 72 hours to digest the food they eat. This is because they eat a lot of unhealthy fat, processed food, starches and so on. With such a slow digesting system, one is exposing itself to chronic diseases such as cancer. The longer waste products and toxins stay in the colon the more chance it has to damage your body and re- absorbed back in the system.

Seek alternative treatment. Cancer is a very serious disease. When you have cancer, no one can promise you a cure. Many people with cancer who took conventional therapy and were not cured try to find other ways to treat their disease like nutrition. If you have been treated with chemotherapy and were not cured you may want to try and look for an alternative way top treat your disease, this is because you have nothing to lose any more. Help your body build its immune system nutritionally and use vitamins from real fresh food, not pills, to help your body fight cancer. Being malnourished cannot possibly be good for cancer or any other chronic disease.

Combine conventional and alternative therapy together. I am not saying you should avoid chemotherapy, what I am saying is combine nutrition with your conventional way of treating cancer. If you do that you will gain 3 things: You will not lose your appetite after chemo, you will lose less hair, if at all, and last – you will not have nausea. Combining chemo with good nutrition will nourish your healthy cells that may have been damaged in the process of chemotherapy. Again – being malnourished cannot possibly be good for cancer, because cancer is sick cells, and if you feed your cell with poison you will not help your cancer.

Nutrition and vitamins are (Shouldn’t this be “can be?”) more effective than chemotherapy. They are also less expensive. A Plant based diet has a lot of antioxidants which I spoke about in some of my previous articles. Antioxidants will arrest free radicals that are the cause of cancer inside your body.

We certainly agree with the premise here: Keep your body strong by eating good, fresh, unprocessed food. Even if it doesn’t help fight the cancer directly, a healthy diet will assist in keeping your body strong enough to help endure chemotherapy.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat & Pattie

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