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Experts are of the opinion that if you are diagnosed with cancer, it is necessary to have a well balanced and controlled diet. Having the necessary and vital ingredients along with your diet during the days when you take up medication, it might help in alleviating the disease. If you are diagnosed with cancer of any kind it is necessary that you look after yourself and maintain good nutritional status. Unfortunately there are no food items or combinations that could cure cancer.
Some of the best diet patterns a cancer patient can follow are given below:

Have a good breakfast: The patient might be exhausted by overnight and would have used up all the energy left in him. So it is urgent that the patient has the breakfast of a balanced diet, the breakfast may be something like oat meal or other cereals. Whole grain cereals should also be included in his diet. Apple juice or carrot in the morning will rehydrate him from the last night.

Be hydrated always: The patient should have at least 1.5 liters of pure in a day. Having good amount of water will help you get hydrated and give a sense of wellness. Being dehydrated can cause headache and other physical problems. There is no need of giving up drinking tea of coffee. Anything in moderation would be ok.

Starchy foods in meals: Bread, pasta, potatoes and breakfast cereals are good for starchy foods. They are rich in carbohydrates and give body the slow release of energy. This energy regulates and keeps blood sugar level in check. Having starchy foods prevent the dip in the energy level between the meals. When choosing food items make sure you chose whole grain varieties.

Fruits and vegetables are necessary: The patient gets the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals from the vegetables and fruits they have. These minerals and antioxidants help in improving the immunity system and recover from the attack of free radicals. The diet should be varied with combinations from many fruits and vegetables. Salads and fresh fruits would also be good to have.

Consuming well balanced diet: The patient’s diet should consist of food items from all food groups. The balanced diet should be provided in all through the day.

Having a well balanced diet or following strictly on the above methods however does not help the patient to recover from the dreadful disease called cancer, but it gives him a positive mental outlook for the patient.

Good, conservative, moderate advice. We take this several steps farther with our own nutrition–eating more and more raw vegetables to be a primary emphasis.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat & Pattie

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