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Breast Cancer Prevented by Tamoxifen & Evista – But Which Drug is Safer?
by Linda Evans, April 23rd, 2010

High risk women have two choices for pharmaceutical treatment and breast cancer prevention: Tamoxifen and Evista. A large breast cancer prevention trial was recently updated and it confirmed that the two drugs can help cut the risk of developing cancer in high-risk women who have went through menopause.

While Taxmoifen is better, Evista is said to be safer according to D. Wickerham of Allegheny General Hosptial in Pittsburgh.

It’s approximated that only 5-20% of women who could benefit from the drug actually use them.

Evista is also taken to prevent osteoporosis. Roughly half a million women in the country take the drug for this reason.

Evista had less instances of uterine cancer and clotting problems, although it cut the risk of breast cancer by 38% instead of 50% by the drug Tamoxifen.

What is considered a high risk woman? The Gail model is the model that professionals use to gauge a woman’s risk. It takes into consideration age, family history, and other factors – but anyone over 60 is considered high risk nonetheless.

If you are concerned about breast cancer, speak with your healthcare provider. They can recommend the proper course of treatment in your particular situation. The information in this article is only presented for informational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice.

Source: Web MD

This is a perfect example of how knowledge is power when dealing with cancer. Sounds like a great topic to discuss with your oncologist–which, if either drug should a high-risk patient be taking?

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