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Alternative cancer treatments are being utilized by millions of patients, either as a sole therapy or as an additional therapy along with the traditional therapies. Patients are now seeking alternative cancer treatments at just about any and every stage of their disease from initial diagnosis to late stage.

Traditional treatments, which are somewhat less toxic than in the past, can in fact be miserable ordeals. The success of these treatments is either overstated or understated. But one thing is clear…the most promising programs are the ones that integrate traditional and alternative cancer treatments. There are practitioners trained and licensed in traditional medicine that also posses experience with alternative cancer treatments. They are making the greatest progress in the fight against cancer. They design individualized programs for each patient.

Alternative cancer treatments include, but are not limited to the following and most are of questionable benefit: biological and pharmacologic therapie such as– antineoplastans, Gaston Naessens, Revici, and hydrazine sulfate; immune therapies such as -immuno-augmentative, and Issel’s whole body therapy; herbal therapies such as -Hoxsey, Essiac, mistletoe, Pau d’Arco, and chaparral; nutritional therapies such as -wheatgrass, macrobiotics, Moerman’s anti-cancer diet; metabolic therapies such as -Gerson, Kelley’s, and Hans Nieper; adjunctive therapies such as -oxygen, ozone, hyperthermia, DMSO, chelation, and live cell; energy medicine such as -bioelectric, homeopathy, ayurveda, and Chinese medicine.

I have written articles about a number of these. Not sure what “ayurveda” or “Kelley’s” are. Time to do some more research!
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