Nature vs nurture. Yin or yang? Chicken or egg?
What causes cancer?
We originally explored this question on our site in 2008. Is it Genetics? Exposure to industrial chemicals like Benzene? Pesticides? Exposure to the sun? Poor nutrition? Stress? Genetics? The answer is yes! Yes to all of the above and more. It seems clear that there is no one cause of cancer, just like there is not and will not be a single cure. Recent innovations in chemotherapy use different drugs in various combinations to fight cancer. Why do some patients respond to one drug combination but not another- or not at all? Studies are beginning to prove that it is the genetic component which effects how well a therapy will work. Environmental factors seem to often contribute to the type or severity of the cancer. But genetics probably are what allows the cancer to get started in the first place. Refer to my “Bank on a Cure” post from November 19th, 2008 to learn more.

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