More from Dr. Lieb in response to yesterday’s post. Good points–although I don’t understand the “zombie science stuff” at the end:

You were doing great until lumping it with alternative medicine. Died in the wool, bona fide medical researchers such as I abhor being lumped with the shoots, leaves, and berries crowd. The anticancer property of antidepressants is easily the most significant advance in cancer therapeutics in history, with aspirin/ibuprofen next. Readers don’t know what to believe when confronted with so many theories, most of them bogus. And antidepressants do more than “slow.” They arrest, even eradicate, and can significantly extend life. This is a massive threat to oncology, no surprise that ACS, NCI, KOMEN etc are suppressing it. Paradigm shifts are incredibly difficult to launch, thus the message must be as powerful as possible, and not diluted. You have already done more than the buzzards on the Web, but please do not equivocate or diminish.

The genome is dead, zombie science. So Obama puts Collins head of NIH, and now Varmus at NCI. A monopolistic win for the cartel. This is a war, and you must field the best troops. Take a look at Bruce Charlton’s essay on zombie science (Google).

I recommend, “Stimulating immune function to kill viruses.” (2009) Amazon


I will do some research of my own about antidepressants and cancer. Are there FDA issues? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, so it’s unclear why such an exciting anti-cancer therapy wouldn’t be embraced by oncologists. Dr. Lieb states: “bona fide medical researchers such as I abhor being lumped with the shoots, leaves, and berries crowd.” I want to reassure Dr. Lieb and my readers, I remain open to all alternative cancer therapies, even those involving “shoots, leaves and berries.” Closing our minds to any possible cure is how obscure and important breakthroughs get lost or ignored!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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